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  • Saugerties, New York

    Saugerties, New York

    I have a new old Leica at home and got to take it out on an early walk around this lighthouse a few weeks ago. I'd woken up at dawn surrounded by the frozen Hudson river, having arrived at night after flying in from Paris in a snow storm. That was kind of magical. And freezing. This is the first roll I've shot with this wonderful camera and I've yet to get used to it. Half the roll was a mess, but these I really like.

  • Summer squares

    Summer squares

    I finished shooting a roll on my Rolleiflex I started way too many months ago. With Winter around the corner it's nice seeing a glimpse of Summer. These shots will look familiar to anyone who knows me or my pictures. But I never tire of this island and this house, which always look magnificent to me.

  • Maine be mine

    Maine be mine

    It might as well be a disease at this point. It shouldn't come as a surprise anymore. Because I always always always do this. And so I just spent a whole month in New York — by all means a very photogenic city — but did not take ONE single picture of it. My old camera only saw the light of day when the ocean was in sight, because that's when my brain gets the giggles and signals me "Waaaaater, waaaaater, go, go, gooooo! Thirsty! Quiiiiiick!". So here are a few shots of our days in Maine, on tiny and wonderful Monhegan Island.

  • South West

    South West

    I spent a few days in the South-West of France to celebrate my grandmother's 100th birthday. It was so good to have breakfast and tea by the fire, walk in the woods, pick mushrooms, have crowded candlelight dinners and dance parties. We ate so much and so well, and laughed a whole lot.

  • Island time

    Island time

    Two weekends ago I spent a couple days in our family house on île d'Yeu, which was very unusual and most welcome. We never go for such a short time and I've only gone there in the height of Summer lately. It was utter bliss walking on the beach down the house in the morning when the tide is low, swimming in the cold cold sea, eating smoked tuna and walking on the cliffs of the wild coast. I do love this island. I only took three or four pictures (to be processed), but here are some random ones from over the years (the oldies were obviously taken by my parents).
    Incidentally, I've been reading Tove Jansson's Summer Book, set on a small island. It's so good.

  • Bjössaróló


    These aren't the best of shots because the place was actually pretty busy when we got there and I didn't want to photograph the people so much, but I did want to post something about this playground, that I visited for the second time in Iceland last month.
    "Bjössaróló" was built by the sea in Borgarnes by idealist and master carpenter Björn H. Guðmundsson (said Bjössi). He began constructing the playground in 1979 and maintained it himself, continually adding to it until he was well into his seventies, and he built the whole thing from items that had been thrown out or were to be discarded. Björn loved children and wanted them to approach nature with respect and care, telling them to not pick flowers but to allow them to grow. He designed a circuitous entrance to the playground to teach the children to take their time on their way through life.
    The pieces are so smartly designed (the red swings are beautiful!) and whimsical and I hope to go back one day and spend a bit more time there. Incidentally, Borgarnes was one of our favorite towns on our country round-trip.

  • Iceland 2015 #3 — Sumarhús!

    Iceland 2015 #3 — Sumarhús!

    We ruled that vacation system. After ten days on the road sleeping on bad mattresses and wearing the same shirts over and over again, leaving our home on wheels felt sad and like the end of our trip, but it was really the beginning of stage 2 : the comfort of an airbnb flat in Reykjavik. Real beds, a real bathroom, a great big kitchen and a sofa that fit us all. And four days later when we checked out and still didn't want it to end, we only went to the airport to pick up our new car to drive to the Norland summerhouse to really finalize out trip and rest after our big party. That part was BLISS on top of the cherry on top of the cake. Layering our trip was the best way ever to travel.

    + as a bonus, me being slipped into sock-ears. Photo by Cerise.

  • Iceland 2015 #2

    Iceland 2015 #2

    A lot more of it. Wind and rain on Reynisfjara beach, near Vík. Other magical looking spots along the South coast. And then beloved little town of Stykkishólmur in the Snæfellsnes peninsula, which I loved revisiting. We enjoyed the long long sunset, found the perfect spot to park and spend the night by the sea and then had a grand breakfast at Hótel Egilsen before driving away.

  • Iceland 2015 #1

    Iceland 2015 #1

    I have six rolls of film to go through and these photos are only from the first two. We took ten days to drive a motorhome all around Iceland and the landscapes left me speechless. Or really really speechful, more likely ("Mais c'est beau, mais c'est trop beau ! Regarde à droite. Regarde à gauche ! Non mais... Ooooooooh..."). We lucked out and had a beautiful weather with lots of sun and lots of fog, clouds so low we drove though them. I was so happy to go back and I'm now eager to go back, still.

  • Hot & cold, museum & museum

    Hot & cold, museum & museum

    One roll, two continents, two museums. I just had some film processed that I started shooting last December in Los Angeles at the Getty Center and then took to the Fondation Louis Vuitton right outside Paris later that month. The Getty Center blew me away in its openness and lightness and I could have stayed there for hours if not fot the plane to catch and midday getting very hot. What an inspiring space. And that view! I couldn't believe it was all (the Koudelka retrospective was stunning) for free, unlike the new Fondation Louis Vuitton (yay segway), which, on that clear cold day, one of the lasts of 2014, kind of blew me away also. As I scanned my negatives it appeared to me these photos could almost have been shot at the same place.

  • L.A, baby! #03

    L.A, baby! #03

    And last part, in which I pretend for a second that I took pictures in places other than the beach, only to deceive you later. That lovely café above is in Silverlake, I believe. The following shots are from a Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica after a late lunch at fancy Nobu, by the sea.

  • L.A, baby! #02

    L.A, baby! #02

    I'd like to kick myself in the shins for coming home yet again with pictures of the sea ONLY. We were in Los Angeles! What is wrong with me? I do love these, but I wish I had shot the city as well. It's almost as if the sea was the only sight good enough for my film cameras, which is bezerk. I shot really nice stuff in all places with my iPhone, but why not reach for the camera, then?! I'm actually asking myself. Here is our first time on Venice beach with my cousin David and friend Marie, and that other time when I felt compelled to take a zillion photos of Marie shooting a mass of seaweed.

  • L.A, baby! #01

    L.A, baby! #01

    Because for some reason, "L.A" must automatically be followed by "baby". I didn't make the rules. I did take the pictures, with my beloved Rolleiflex. These are from our quick road trip to Santa Barbara in the Californian rain. Above is El Matador State Beach, quite the sight for sore and soaked eyes. In the morning, Santa Barbara was all wet and foggy and moody. By the time we got to the pier — where birds are the size of poneys and homeless men offer to share their organic bread with you —, sunlight started peeking through, and by the end of the day we had fish tacos by the beach to the most vibrant sunset before driving back to Los Angeles.

  • Los Angeles on the phone #02

    Los Angeles on the phone #02

    Most of all, I was blown away by the tropical vibe, the sunsets and the Getty Center. It felt so so good to be barefoot in the fine fine sand. I'm back in Paris where it's freezing now. And I love it too. I just wish it wasn't so damn dark when I woke up in the morning. 

  • Los Angeles on the phone #01

    Los Angeles on the phone #01

    In which we arrive all sunglassy only to find clouds and rain that have all of California in a state of panic because their roads aren't waterproof, or something like that (they did shut down a portion of the highway!). Los Angeles hadn't seen rain in months, and we were so lucky as to witness the miracle. We made a little soaking roadtrip to Santa Barbara and I — true to my demented self — proceeded to shoot pretty much only the sea with my film camera for the entire trip. As I wait for my monomaniac rolls to be processed, here are the other shots, the iPhone compulsive stuff. The rain eventually stopped and we had the most beautiful sunset on the road back to Los Angeles, where we had to frame and hang my pictures for the little show I was (and still am) apart of.

  • Amsterdam, Fall edition*

    Amsterdam, Fall edition*

    (*Because there is a Spring edition)
    I just got back from a week in Amsterdam, staying with my good friends and shooting material for design studio Internoconcucina with other friends. I hadn't yet been there this time of year and the past week only confirmed what I feared : that place is good to me all year round. I LOVE IT. I got birthday presents, long familiar walks, two ferry rides, a ton of bruises from riding a bike in the city of bikes, and a speculoos ricotta lemon cheesecake.

  • Vancouver #04

    Vancouver #04

    So if I was coming back to Vancouver, I wanted me some WHALES. I did spot a few somewhere between Canada and Alaska four years ago, but so quickly and not that close. Even my brother said I better get it right this time around. Or else I don't know what.
    Lots of whales can be spotted all around Vancouver Island and further out at sea, but the idea of getting on a boat with twenty other people wearing matching orange hats and rain jackets and cameras the size of an infant was only half appealing to me. I'm a snob that way. The kind of person who thinks of herself as a traveler, not a tourist. I know. I want to be walking on a deserted beach and have a whale casually come up to me and make friends while Michael Jackson is singing Will You Be There in the background, impressively in key considering how dead he is (unless he's with Elvis blowing unexisting wind on a flag on the Moon, but that's a whole other business). Because I do realize the chances of that happening are slim, I went on one of those boats. Noone was wearing matchy matchy orange stuff, thank goodness. We were on the boat for seven hours, and that alone is enough to make me deliriously happy. But then we also... saw WHALES. Humpbacks and orcas, in all their magnificence. I only have pictures of orcas from afar, but we saw more and the strangest throat screams came out of me when humpback whales jumped in front of us out of nowhere. Like giant hiccups. It was so moving seeing them in the wild. And Michael Jackson was singing the whole time. In my head. 

  • Amsterdam, Spring edition

    Amsterdam, Spring edition

    Let's take a break from Vancouver and my crying over the thought of heavenly yam fries. Last month I went to Amsterdam for a long weekend, after spending a whole month there last Winter. I have to ask : is there one place that doesn't look its very best in Spring? The mixity and relaxed temper of people in Amsterdam I flet very strongly, as their talent for grabbing any opportunity to enjoy life simply. When people don't have luxurious little front yards, they at least have a few flowers planted and a little bench next to their front door, and if they don't even have that, they'll just sit on the pavement like cats in the sun, with a cup of coffee and morning papers, in their open doors. Hundreds of small boats where crossing paths on the canals, with couples or dozens having snacks and drinks aboard. They just know how to live a (seemingly) non-stressful life. Coming from Paris, it's so very noticeable. I do love that city.

  • Vancouver #03

    Vancouver #03

    Flying to Vancouver was a special moment for me (despite all my best efforts to hide it). By the time the plane landed I was grinning from ear to ear, and making my way through YVR airport to the baggage claim between glass walls filled with mountains and ocean and trees, already I was trying to remember why I'd ever left. Right, the visa expired. My friend Natalie was there to pick me up and it was golden hour on a sunny day in Spring, my very favorite moment to be in Vancouver, although a chilly morning on a hot day comes fairly close too. It was the best welcome back I could have hoped for. I know I sound like a broken record with all my ocean talk. I know I sound mushy. I am mushy. Brace yourselves, I'm even gonna talk about sunsets and going for walks along the sea so early only dog owners are out. That's actually the picture above. The following picture is from that first evening.
    Many breakfasts were had on the balcony facing the ocean. Toasted spinach naans from the grocery store on 4th (I've missed those!!), iced cardamom tea, greek yogurt, homemade granola and fruits. Many hours were spent lying in the grass across the street, reading, watching the Sun go down and the sailboats multiplying. A very good lunch was eaten at Nelson the Seagull downtown. Avocado toasts, poached eggs, lemonade. Burritos were taken all the way up to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver and devoured on a rock with a spectacular view. Unsurprisingly, in the end, it's also all about the food. In the right places.

  • Vancouver #02

    Vancouver #02

    I stayed up all night scanning film while binge-watching Orange Is The New Black. But really, as ever, blue is all I care about. I took these photos on Wreck Beach, a spot in Vancouver I'd heard of before but never been to. And never knew what I was missing. This legendary nude (more precisely "clothing optional") beach, besides offering a view onto old hippies' butts, is plain gorgeous. The tide was low that morning, and I was extremely impressed by the landscape and these water giraffes in it.

  • Vancouver #01

    Vancouver #01

    Oh, the delightfulness of a complete vacation in a place you already know and love. There's no pressure of seeing stuff and filling your days like a sight-thirsty maniac. I have lived in Vancouver. Although there was and still is plenty of things for me to discover there, the pressure was off. Mostly there were a few dear spots I wanted to re visit, and a few dear-to-be spots I was to be introduced to. My pictures have yet to be processed, but here are a few iPhone shots to begin with. Ocean and Sun and food, which sum up my trip pretty well.

  • Off I go

    Off I go

    Soon I'll have more pictures* to choose from when I refer to Vancouver. That is, of course, the only reason I'm going. I'm conscientious that way. If I had other reasons, say sentimental ones, I might mention that the thought of actually being there again for reals is getting me so excited and anxious at the same time it's making me blush at my desk like a schoolgirl. But that's just hypothetical rubbishness. See you in two weeks!

    * These are the last pictures I took of the city four years ago.

  • For my eyes #09

    For my eyes #09

    A few random images I've liked around the web lately.

    What happens when Shantanu Starick flies over New-Zealand in a helicopter. I ask myself what the heck I'm still doing here. The picture above looks like Neverland, right...??
    That French silk pie by Molly Yeh on Cup of Jo looks nothing French to me, but it sure is attractive.
    Also by Molly Yeh, those steamed buns look heavenly.
    A beautiful café in Melbourne by Schorlemädchen.
    Still in Melbourne, a cool kitchen by architect Sarah Trotter (via Bleubird), photo by Lauren Bamford.
    More cake! Chocolate, rhubarb and strawberry at The Roaming Kitchen. I love the clean pictures.
    Lastly, Spring on a plate at Happyolks (what a good idea, how beautiful, how great, how all kinds of awesome).

  • That train

    That train

    Since I have travels on my mind, here are some old shots of a train ride between Emeryville, CA and Vancouver, BC in August of 2010. It was the end of Summer, we were ending a month-long road/sea trip that had taken us all the way up to Alaska and then down to San Francisco. Amtrak is such an awesome train company. That twenty-something hours ride was excessively comfortable ; we were handed out blankets and fluffy pillows as we took our (huge) seats, the crew was smartly joking around in the speakers, there were several beautiful diner cars and an observatory car (picture below), even a game car, but all that without feeling like a tacky cruiseship. It was just a really nice place to spend some time. Also, the view was stunning all along. 

  • I am going back

    I am going back

    All I want is to jump up and down in excitement whenever I think of it. In eleven weeks, I will be flying back to Vancouver! I lived there for one year and have wanted to go back each of the four springs since. The perspective of actually being there once more seems highly unreal. That whole year feels so far away, both in time and space. Yet it was one of the best in my life and I cherish its memories like crazy. I will be staying with a friend who, since then, moved to a place approximately four houses away from where I used to live, so I will be in the exact same neighborhood too, to make things even weirder. Because oh, it WILL be weird. Being there in a whole other context I might feel somehow out of place and nostalgic. But I can hardly wait. It will be SO GOOD being in Vancouver again.

  • Amsterdam #04

    Amsterdam #04

    Another round of crappy phone pictures, most likely the last one from my Dutch getaway. I will be back in Paris on Thursday! I'll have just enough time until then for one last long walk, maybe one museum, some serious cleaning and a goodbye dinner with friends. I was promised smoked sausages...

  • Amsterdam #03

    Amsterdam #03

    Would you like another round of crappy phone snapshots? I'm happy to oblige.
    These sunny days are delightful. I'm walking a lot and enjoying the maze of canals and streets filled with lovely and chill cafés. They really know how do that in Northern Europe. A relaxed atmosphere I mean. Places that don't look like they're trying real hard to be cool. They just are. Lots of spaces have a multiple use here : a shop can also be a café and also an office space for the people working there. A pub inside an antique shop, or an ice cream parlor that morphs into a stamppot parlor in the Winter months (Stamppot being a traditional Dutch dish made of mashed potatoes mixed with other veggies like kale, to which you add meat like beacon or smoked sausage, and eventually gravy. It doesn't sound dreamy to me, but it's actually delicious and quite satisfying). It's really nice to not have everything so closed into defined categories that can't mix. That's definitely not French. I like it here.

  • Venezia #04

    Venezia #04

    My friend Susa sent me pictures from our trip to Venice last December. It seems like a long time ago already! It's nice to travel with a photographer because I'm always behind the camera and the only pictures of me I have are crappy selfies. That being said, I am NOT comfortable having my picture taken. Although I have no problem shoving my camera in other people's faces, when I'm on the other side of the lens I have no idea what to do with myself and I end up looking super awkward. I rarely like my face in photos, but isn't that some kind of universal problem? So. The ones I'm showing here are of me from behind or covered in hair, but despite all the self-centered ramblings, I love these, thank you Susa!

    This man was the sweetest and I was happy to converse with him in Italian (I still got it!) and keep him busy while Susa took his picture, with his agreement of course. Can't wait for our next shooting trip!

    All images by Susanne Hassler.

  • Amsterdam #02

    Amsterdam #02

    Random shots, very few of them, from lately. I've hardly been taking any pictures, except for, ahem, iPhone shots that went right into my instagram.
    This apple-lemon-pecan cake was a bit of a failure but still a very satisfying breakfast, this child I'm having so much fun with and loving seeing her grow up, and this window I love seeing everyday from my bedroom.

  • Amsterdam #01

    Amsterdam #01

    I've been here almost a week now, and it is, once again, crazy how time flies. Going somewhere for a whole month seems like such a long time at first! Oh the things to be done! I'll wake up at dawn and walk along the canals as the sun rises, I'll work long productive days, I'll eat soups and salads only and my hair will shine like the sun. Right. The thing is, changing countries doesn't mean changing yourself... Whaaat?? I still have to kick myself out of bed in the morning (way later than my ideal self would) and I still, as ever, crave a dozen scones at tea time. Still, I AM being productive, just a little more slowly than I'd like, but getting better everyday. I AM eating mostly soup, partly because I'm too lazy to cook, and partly because they really have great stuff here that's fresh and already cut and tastefully mixed, so why bother. Kale here grows in supermarket fridges like grapes on vine, and grilled cheese sandwiches are super cheap. Really, I'm glad I came. Please enjoy my crappy phone pics and beloved redheads.

  • The past year and the next month

    The past year and the next month

    I'm taking a month OFF.
    Not from blogging necessarily, but from life in Paris. Starting next Monday, I'm swapping homes with a lovely couple in Amsterdam, mainly to focus on a personal project that I'd like to finish (and if not finish then get much much further into). I don't seem to be able to do that in my everyday life setting where I'm too easily distracted and have no work discipline whatsoever. I'm a tiny bit worried and not sure what to expect, but I'm really excited about this adventure to kick start the year.

    + Here are a few chosen pics from 2013...

    Babies! I can't believe how many new people have been popping out of bellies and into my life recently.

    Food! I don't feel like I've cooked that much at home this year, but I sure did for work last Spring and I photographed a whole lot of cooking overall. Still, my kitchen did see some good meals.

    Travels! I finally saw Iceland, which was big on my bucket list. And Brussels, Chausey, Copenhagen, Venice. Europe has been good to me.

    I wouldn't say it's been an easy year (what year is ever easy though?), but a pretty damn good one. Pictures are a big help in reminding me of the good times, and it's all I want to focus on anyway. Looking forward to see what 2014 brings (because I really have NO idea)!

  • Vi ses København !

    Vi ses København !

    I'm back from Copenhagen with no picture whatsoever except for a few crappy iPhone shots that I don't count as real pictures because an iPhone3 is really, really, really no Leica. I did take a film camera with me, but I just didn't feel like shooting this time around, so in the end I just left the camera at home after the second day and was happy to carry a light bag, for a change. So here are some of the said crappy shots, because even that way, Copenhagen is too lovely.
    It was my fourth time there and I'm thinking I should go once a year, as a pilgrimage or something. Or just to make sure everything's in place. Surely they need someone to make sure everything's in place. I caught a bad cold right after we arrived but it didn't keep me from walking around several hours each day to take it all in, hoping I'd run into Sidse Babette Knudsen (I'm obsessed with her in Borgen, and I could listen to her speak all day). Since I didn't, I clearly need to go back soon.

    Pictures of breakfast at the café this morning (with unknown Danish girl being super Danish), the Torvehallerne market, the home we rented on airbnb, the view from the Statens Museum, and the Louisiana museum garden - edited with the VSCOcam app.

  • Venezia #03

    Venezia #03

    More WATER! One of the greatest things in Venice is taking a zillion boats a day for transportation, in my opinion. Tomorrow morning I'm flying to Copenhagen for a few days (and even more WATER!!). I've only been there during summertime and I do love that city a whole lot, so I'm really excited for all this Winter travelling. And I say all because this won't even be my last trip of the season...

  • Venezia #02

    Venezia #02

    There are several tiny islands surrounding Venice. We took the Vaporetto (bus boat) to San Giorgio really early to visit the church when its doors opened. It seemed like it was just us on the island, a few guys starting work and a couple of cleaning ladies finishing work. San Giorgio was in the shade and the pavements were frozen and slippery, but Venice was golden from the rising Sun and we had the best spot to watch it.

    The island of La Giudecca was very quiet and we wandered through the empty streets and laundry lines and tiny bridges and took pictures. Or just that one picture of trees through the gate of a closed garden facing the sea. I loved that walk.

    The following last picture I took in Burano, perhaps the most colorful spot you'll ever see outside Disney Land. It's quite amazing, really. And I'm ALL about colors!! Yet I must have a silent agreement with my inner shooting self that says that whatever the place and however colorful and lovely, each of my pictures must be at the very edge of that place, to have water in it. So far I'm doing really really good. So you don't have pink or yellow, you have variations of the same stuff over and over again. My pleasure.

  • Venezia #01

    Venezia #01

    Last Saturday morning I found Venice wrapped in fog, the best kind, the very photogenic kind. I thought it would dissolve as the day went on, but it stayed put until night, and we walked through it delightfully all day. I took more pictures of it but they're on a black&white roll (shocking I know) that has yet to be processed. For now, the following shot is the only one I have.

    We had the bluest of skies all weekend after that, and were out between 7:30 and 8 am with the sunrise each morning. The light and haze on the river banks were quite something, and because that area around Piazza San Marco gets insanely crowded and touristic during the day, it was so good to be up early with the quiet locals going to work or setting up work.

    Above is my James Dean shot, which I like quite a lot (and he has a cigarette, too!). Don't even think the horizon line is still not straight, that's all in your head.

  • Venezia


    My good friend Susa rang me from Austria about ten nights ago. She recently aquired a new Leica camera and said she wanted to take it out for a walk. In Venice. Would I join her? I had to think about that one for a second, but really, my flight was booked just fifteen minutes later. So I'll be in Venice for the weekend, a long one, speaking Italian to anyone who will listen. I'll bring back pictures and extra pounds. Can't wait!

    Picture by Caterina Gabelli, member of beloved Venice-based Studio Fludd

  • Forgotten Icelandics

    Forgotten Icelandics

    Here are some pictures of my trip to Iceland last June. When you have that many to go through, you quickly choose your favorites and sort of forget about the rest. The gloomy, the so-so, the crooked ones. These didn't make the cut to my blog or website, but looking at them now, I think they deserve a bit of spotlight, I really like them.
    Also, it's embarrasing how many photos have a crooked horizon line in that series, some outrageously so. Really, I won't even show them all. I just COULD NOT get the horizon straight on that trip for some reason, not that I realized it at the time. It's even more embarrasing since there's a grid on my camera's viewfinder, for that very purpose.
    See the flying seagull in the photo with all the birds? I see a killer whale pretending to be a plane. You're welcome.

  • A place to visit

    A place to visit

    Here are some great pictures by Robbie Lawrence for Freunde von Freunden (for a change). The Ethicurean is a kitchen garden restaurant in the UK, talked of as the British Noma. It seems quite amazing, and their cookbook looks interesting as well. I really like the cover. Also, I wouldn't mind adding that room to my apartment, as a new wing. 

  • Chausey #03

    Chausey #03

    Here's the last of my shots from the weekend before last, including the ones we'll use as album cover if we ever decide to become a band. And it could happen, too. We have the musicians, we have the moves. We all look ten years younger than we actually are, and you know that can only help with our career's longevity.

    For my birthday lunch, my friend had ordered seven big lobsters from the local shop, one for each. We made a fishy mess. It was so good. Then we were off.

  • Chausey #01

    Chausey #01

    Last weekend on the main island of Chausey, in Normandy. Population : 30. It's a small piece of land on water, with a few lovely houses and gardens, beautiful beaches, one hotel/restaurant, one grocery/all-things shop, one B&B of sorts, one chapel, one fort, one lighthouse. That's about it, and that's grand. One man who wears a blue cap with a small, bright yellow pompom on top, although I suspect he also owns the same with a white pompom ; my sight could not have mislead me all throughout the first day. On the first picture above, the tiny blob on the horizon, on the left, is the Mont St-Michel! I've actually never been, but I loved seeing it from afar, in the middle of nowhere. Isn't it wild??

    No cars on the island, the shop lady lend us a cart to bring some food back to the B&B. We had ordered things from the shop prior to arriving, and it came from the main land on the boat with us.

    I do love pompoms.

    Six good friends.

  • Off


    If ever being born on a holiday was useful, it's for such times. The whole advantage of this date went unnoticed two years in a row when November 11th was on a Saturday and then a Sunday, but this year it's providing us with a three day weekend. I'm off to spend it by the sea on a tiny island with my oldest friends, and on Monday I'll turn 27. Happy holiday!

    (Picture I took in Iceland last June, on the also-tiny-island of Flatey)

  • Above the clouds

    Above the clouds

    These pictures by Kyle Johnson caught me off guard this morning. Only once did I find myself on a mountain looking down at clouds in Canada (see here, picture 11), but these take it to a whole new level. Aren't they breathtaking? Adding the lookout towers of WA State to my list of places to see, most definitely. I'm even finding out from my good buddy Google that forest fire lookouts are available for rental in many states! Friends (aside from Google), if you're reading, we are doing this.

  • Brussels #03

    Brussels #03

    And then I'm done. This is the last of my pictures from my trip to Brussels last August, and the last traces of my love story with that kitchen. We made grapefruit & tonic and a lemon yogurt cake to enjoy the sun better the last afternoon I was there, and then I was back on the train.
    My previous pictures are there.

  • Stuff to daydream about

    Stuff to daydream about

    Here are some great photos by Svenja Paulsen to start the week. When I see pictures of open spaces like that and of any large amount of salted water, I daydream about living by the ocean again. I don't know where or when (as the song goes), but I know I will. For now, I'm considering going to Iceland again, for christmas...

  • Sommerhus


    My good friend Cerise living with an Icelandic guy really is a cool thing. It means I had somewhere nice to stay while I visited them this Summer, and it also means weekends at the Norland family's summerhouse. During the three days we were there in June, Cerise made bread twice, waffles twice and crêpes once, right before we left. We barbecued and ate fresh fish. We spent the days sipping tea and reading, went on evening walks and midnight walks. It was a good weekend.

    I already posted a bunch of pictures from my trip to Iceland, you can see them on my old blog right here and more on my website right there.

  • Brussels #01

    Brussels #01

    Negatives in my scanner, finally! I spent a few days in Brussels last month visiting my brother and his girlfriend, who recently moved there. While I kept marvelling at all the pretty houses in the street, I think I only took pictures inside their flat, and a solid three quarters in the kitchen.

    That kitchen is large (especially compared to the closet-sized kitchen they had in Paris) with cool built-ins, and it's drowned in sunlight every evening. I couldn't help shooting. Everyday. I might get a sarcastic email saying these pictures are shamefully showing the baskets-they-don't-like-that-were-already-there-and-shall-soon-be-replaced, but even if it's still a work in progress in its early stage, I'm so smitten with this space they found. 

    I'd been to Brussels a few times before, but enjoying it from that room was quite a treat, for breakfast, happy hour and birthday crumble time. Can't wait for my next visit.

  • When in Spain

    When in Spain

    Giving you the digital, sunset-y, over-green, over-airy version of my little Spanish vacation because these are the only images my camera seems to be taking these days. Is it really that bad...? All the lemon trees and fig trees and pomergranate trees are hard to ignore, but still, I'm sparing you the half-open backlit pomergranate close-up, be thankful. Soon I'll be back in Paris shooting my kettle and shoes compulsively, so I'm enjoying the sun as I can, and I hope you are too!