• Iceland 2015 #2

    Iceland 2015 #2

    A lot more of it. Wind and rain on Reynisfjara beach, near Vík. Other magical looking spots along the South coast. And then beloved little town of Stykkishólmur in the Snæfellsnes peninsula, which I loved revisiting. We enjoyed the long long sunset, found the perfect spot to park and spend the night by the sea and then had a grand breakfast at Hótel Egilsen before driving away.

  • Iceland 2015 #1

    Iceland 2015 #1

    I have six rolls of film to go through and these photos are only from the first two. We took ten days to drive a motorhome all around Iceland and the landscapes left me speechless. Or really really speechful, more likely ("Mais c'est beau, mais c'est trop beau ! Regarde à droite. Regarde à gauche ! Non mais... Ooooooooh..."). We lucked out and had a beautiful weather with lots of sun and lots of fog, clouds so low we drove though them. I was so happy to go back and I'm now eager to go back, still.

  • Cookbook


    The brainstorm wasn't very long when we tried to come up with a gift idea for my oldest friend and her new(ish) husband (What?? Not possibly. Really? Are we even old enough? Do we have armpit hair yet? Oh gosh, yes, it seems like it. Cerise got married. Weeheeeee!). My mind quickly went to this endearing idea (credit where it's due). So for months we secretly gathered recipes from her French family and his Icelandic family and from friends too (me me me, I know of lots of cakes!!) as well as pictures, to put in one big cookbook. We made it with Artifact Uprising, which products I'd already ordered and loved, and as it's out in the world now I'm happy to share some images here (shot in a hurry with doubtful focus). Most pictures I used were from my personal archives, from home and travels and always linked to the food it illustrated. So many memories! Some I shot especially. Some recipes where illustrated with drawings from different people. In the end, Cerise and Sverrir's cookbook is 150 pages thick with a beautiful yellow canvas hardcover and features 65 recipes. They loved it so much and it was good practice for the cookbook I hope to write someday!

  • Hot & cold, museum & museum

    Hot & cold, museum & museum

    One roll, two continents, two museums. I just had some film processed that I started shooting last December in Los Angeles at the Getty Center and then took to the Fondation Louis Vuitton right outside Paris later that month. The Getty Center blew me away in its openness and lightness and I could have stayed there for hours if not fot the plane to catch and midday getting very hot. What an inspiring space. And that view! I couldn't believe it was all (the Koudelka retrospective was stunning) for free, unlike the new Fondation Louis Vuitton (yay segway), which, on that clear cold day, one of the lasts of 2014, kind of blew me away also. As I scanned my negatives it appeared to me these photos could almost have been shot at the same place.

  • Party preps + What the heck is wrong with this film

    Party preps + What the heck is wrong with this film

    Two weekends ago we drove to Normandy with a bunch of friends to do pre-prepping (won't check is that's actual English) for a party that will happen in early July. A tent/roof structure was designed by those of us who are architects (not me) and we used its test-drive as an excuse to get out of Paris and be fed roast chicken, homemade cider and rice pudding all weekend. I brought along my Rolleiflex and whatever expired film I found in my fridge, and the result is making me cringe it's so uneven, green and contrasty. And this is after some editing damage control, because the photos first looked like the Wicked Witch of the West had given birth to them. Still, they're happy shots, so here.