• Miam.


    In my kitchen recently. A big bulk of my favorite granola — with olive oil, maple syrup, cranberries and dried pears this time — and salted cocoa cookies with vanilla cream (or a failed attempt at Oreos® - still good, just vvvery heavy. I was too lazy to refrigerate and roll out the dough). I took pictures, here they are.

  • L.A, baby! #03

    L.A, baby! #03

    And last part, in which I pretend for a second that I took pictures in places other than the beach, only to deceive you later. That lovely café above is in Silverlake, I believe. The following shots are from a Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica after a late lunch at fancy Nobu, by the sea.

  • Tove Jansson, the dancing elf

    Tove Jansson, the dancing elf

    Finnish artist Tove Jansson is, so far, my best discovery of 2015. I had an approximate knowledge of the Moomins existence, that hippo-looking character was registered in a corner of my mind, but I've never been given those books to read as a kid, nor have I ever seen the cartoon version, and I had somehow missed the whole thing as an adult too. Then last week, I saw the Finnish Institute was showing two documentaries about one Tove Jansson, and the sinopsis seemed pretty cool, so I went. Revelation! What a talented, modern, inspiring woman she was! An hour in, I was in awe and was questionning my life style and goals. I came home to google her intensively and to find that the Moomins (although they're not her sole work) are, in fact, incredibly beautiful. Who knew? Well millions of people, obviously, but certainly not I. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some of the early books!

    Portrait by [credit unknown], illustrations by Tove Jansson, flower crown photo by [credit unknown], telescope photo by Göran Algård, in her studio by [credit unknown].

  • L.A, baby! #02

    L.A, baby! #02

    I'd like to kick myself in the shins for coming home yet again with pictures of the sea ONLY. We were in Los Angeles! What is wrong with me? I do love these, but I wish I had shot the city as well. It's almost as if the sea was the only sight good enough for my film cameras, which is bezerk. I shot really nice stuff in all places with my iPhone, but why not reach for the camera, then?! I'm actually asking myself. Here is our first time on Venice beach with my cousin David and friend Marie, and that other time when I felt compelled to take a zillion photos of Marie shooting a mass of seaweed.

  • For my eyes #16

    For my eyes #16

    A few random images I've liked around the web lately.

    Overwhelming flower arranging, at Camelia Fiber Company.
    Messy cricket playing in Newfoundland in the delicious movie The Grand Seduction.
    Sneaky wedding photography by photographer extraordinaire Shantanu Starick.
    Beautiful drawings by Jonas Wood.
    Sweet sweet potatoes at Sprouted Kitchen.
    On the set of Downton Abbey by Austin Hargrave for The Hollywood Reporter.
    + A still from the show that looks like a painting — credit unknown.
    (I finally binge-watched the whole series over Christmas after putting it off for that exact reason for some time. Of course I loved it (even though the show turned a bit soapy after the first season). Maggie Smith makes me laugh with every single look she gives, I now want to wear a velvet coat and eat pudding all day to the sound of a gramophone.)